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    Successfully developed clean, save electricity and low noise to spurt the code machine, laser marking machine.
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    The operation is simple, stable performance, save electricity, low noise, dust-free environment
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    Name: R400 core parts: America micro pump MICROPUMP pump solenoid valve nozzle: German Burkert, American processing Ruby nozzle, display: Taiwan circuit board factory design, commissioned by the OEM processing, connector: Tyco, shell: 304 stainless steel
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Shenzhen hongtaida automation equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in October 18, 2012, the headquarters is located in the beautiful coastal city of Shenzhen in China, mainly responsible for Chinese and overseas market open business, the company has R & D department, production department, technical department, logistics department, for the global customers to provide products, customer service consulting services. Focus on the production of R & D automation equipment industry, is committed to building international brands, products have been exported to the Middle East, Asia, in each country has a direct agency or authorized agents.
Hongtaida through independent research and development of the laboratory device can become stable for 24 hours of work equipment industrial inkjet printer, laser marking machine technology and equipment, is one of only a few have UV laser patent company in the world. In strong support of capital and technology platform, the company has grown from small to large power high power laser technology and equipment research and development, production of leapfrog development, to provide a complete set of inkjet printer, laser processing solutions and related facilities for domestic and foreign customers.
Industrial Technology boost hongtaida development of China's manufacturing industry transformation from extensive, high energy consumption and low added value to the mode of circular economy, high value-added, high precision, make a contribution to enhance the manufacturing industry in the whole national development level and innovation ability.
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